Truck Conversions

Supertrucks can provide whole vehicle glass-carrying systems, designed and refined over 25 years to deliver exactly what you need.

Our vehicle bodies are custom-built to a high specification and mounted to a chassis ranging from 3.5 tonnes to 32 tonnes GVW. Every vehicle utilises a combination of top-quality aluminium and steel.

Roof design options include fixed, partial or concertina opening, giving up to 85 percent access for crane loading and unloading.

The sides of the vehicle can be sloping to accommodate a glass rack, vertical to maximise load space or curtain-sided for side loading.

Whatever your business requirement, we can design and build a bespoke vehicle that is perfectly suited to your needs.

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Features and Options

Body Styles

Choose between solid-sided, curtain-sided, a combination of solid and curtain-sides, or canopy covered. 


Roofs can be fixed, solid sliding or concertina opening.

Rear of Vehicle

For a fixed roof model, we offer roll-back curtains with a drop-down tailgate, solid double doors, a walk-in ramp or tail door. 

Safety Features

We can fit inclinometers, marker boards, reflectors, pole rests, cameras and side scan systems.

Securing Systems

Options include sliding rubber wedge exterior poles (system 1), patented scissor clamp exterior poles (system 2), multi-strap systems, tie-on interior poles, turn-lock interior poles and pack stops.

Extra Options

We also offer a variety of other options including floor-mounted load-securing tracks, tail lifts, rear-mounted forklift truck, cranes (including Hiabs), demount systems and trailers.