Frequently Asked Questions


Do you drill holes in to the vehicle side wall?

We don't have to - 90% of our rack conversions have no holes drilled into the vehicle wall. When possible, we try to use manufacturers' fitting points or holes already in the vehicle.

How long is your warranty?

We offer a three-year warranty for van conversions and five-year for trucks. Terms and conditions apply.

Can you provide the full package: van and conversion?

We will provide the complete package with various finance options and, in most instances, we can better the dealerships and commercial vehicle brokers.

Can I refit my rack onto another vehicle?

Yes, we have customers who are on their fourth generation of vehicles with racking that is 15 years old and still safe to carry glass.

I don’t need a rack on the side of my van all the time. Do you have one that can be removed?

Detachable racks are a good option if you only need them for certain jobs. You can also have the rack interchangeable from one van to another; the vehicle just needs to be from the same manufacturer.

I am looking for a low loader, but I can’t see one on your website. Do you have an alternative option available?

We no longer sell low loaders, but we offer a platform cab which still offers low load access at the rear.

I can’t see what I’m looking for on site. Can you still help me?

Absolutely! We often deliver bespoke conversions. If you’re looking for something a bit different, please contact us. We’re happy discuss your business needs and work with you to create the perfect vehicle. 

Does your conversion come with any certification?

As standard, each vehicle comes with:
  • A certificate stating the maximum carrying capacity
  • Driver's safety check on visor sticker
  • Safety maintenance and spare parts manual
  • Overall height sticker in the cab

Do you have any accreditations?

We have ISO 9001 certification.



Can we have a fold-up ledge for when we are not carrying glass?

Yes, we would always recommend a folding ledge.

Does your roof open for overhead crane loading?

Our roofs will open 85% of the vehicle body length.

Can I carry glass on the exterior of a solid sided truck, but get it there clean and dry?

As an option, we offer a curtain that will enclose the solid side. This allows you to keep your glass clean and dry and, in the unfortunate event of an accident, will help contain the load.

I need to off-load onto different sites. Some have cranes, some have forklifts. Is there a system that can do both?

Curtain-sided vehicles fitted with stillages are a flexible option.