Glass Carrying Hire Vehicles
Need a glass carrying vehicle at short notice? Or perhaps you need an extra truck or van for a particular job or just need access to one from time-to-time?

Our glass carrying hire vehicles are designed to help you get your work done, whether you’re trying to meet increased customer demand, temporarily replace your vehicle while yours is off the road, or are waiting for your van to be converted into a glass carrier.

Available for short or long-term hire, our 3.5 tonne Mercedes Benz Sprinter vans are fitted with anodised external racks that:

  • Are designed to transport sheets of glass up to 3,215mm x 2,540mm in size
  • Have been fitted with roof racks with drop-down ladders at the rear
  • Feature two interior racks – one that runs the entire length of the body and a shorter one

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